Circle of Life Midwifery


Joni is everything you'd want in a midwife; knowledgable, assuring, experienced, professional, warm and caring. She was all of these things when she helped my husband and I through a heart-breaking 2nd trimester miscarriage. Then, happily, she helped me have our son at home the following year. She was encouraging and strong even when I felt pretty sure the baby wasn't going to come out. (haha) She had me labor in two specific positions to help him come out since he was turned a little bit funny and I delivered him shortly after. She knew just what to do and really listened to how I was feeling. Joni made having my son at home an amazing, beautiful experience. It really was perfect for my whole family.

Her postpartum care was also great and she helped me when I developed a bleb so it didn't turn into a bigger problem. Plus, it was such a relief to not have to even leave the house for such personal care- especially with a newborn and a three-year-old!

Genji was also great — very encouraging, supportive and gentle. They make a nice team and it felt very natural and comfortable to have Joni and Genji in our home throughout the whole labor.

Now I have my hands full, but occasionally I daydream about having another baby just so I can experience another home birth! Julia
Working with Joni felt right from the moment we met her. She was calm, supportive, knowledgeable, experienced, organized and could answer all of our safety questions without hesitation. We loved the home visits toward the end of the pregnancy and the home birth itself felt like birth was always supposed to: an intimate journey in a comfortable and safe place where I could birth with confidence, focus and calm support. If I had another child, this is how I would do it again. Thank you Joni! Lydia
Joni was a wonderful midwife for us, all the way through our pregnancy and delivery and beyond. She was professional, caring, and very understanding of pregnancy and all that entails. I could tell you 100 reasons why I valued and appreciated her service, but the most important thing is that I trusted her completely. She was always upfront, available, and peaceful - qualities I really appreciated and truly grew to love about her!

Going through pregnancy, labor, and delivery - becoming a mother - has changed my life. It was (and continues to be) very challenging and also very empowering. I'm thankful that I was able to choose to give birth at home, and I'm doubly thankful that I had the privilege of working with Joni. I'm sure I would not have had the same experience giving birth at a hospital. I was free to move around my house (and my neighborhood), eat and drink to my content, and felt unrushed in labor. Joni and her fellow midwife offered constant, yet unobtrusive support all the way through. I felt their confidence in my ability to give birth, and I know that helped me. They were also wonderfully supportive of my husband, reassuring him when my labor was really intense that all would be well. It was. Our beautiful boy was born in our bedroom and we just stayed there, enjoying the relief of labor's end and the utter joy of meeting our son. Joni and Bea helped us clean up, got us breastfeeding, made us a hot breakfast, and left. That was it. We slept in the quiet of our own home, and spent the day restfully, capping it off with Chinese takeout and a football game - ah bliss!

The post-partum care that Joni provided was also wonderful. She checked in regularly and made housecalls when I needed a bit of extra support. I really looked forward to her visits, and it was also just wonderfully convenient not to have to pack up and go to the clinic in those first few weeks after our son's birth. Liz